Jenny Miller


Jenny has always been happy in the company of small children and learns at least as much from them as they do from her.

She worked her way through college at the nursery school on campus, getting a B.A. in architecture at Washington University in St. Louis. She later earned a teaching credential from the Northern California Montessori Teacher Training Center in Mountain View, CA. Jenny joined Garden Day as the art teacher in 1996 and has been there ever since, currently as classroom teacher and director. She loves getting to know the children, and being a part of a vibrant and caring community of young families.

Jenny is the parent of three nearly grown children, and the guardian of two big-hearted, energetic dogs.



Jessica Cathey


Jessica came to Garden Day in 2012 with the intention of teaching for a short period of time before moving on to start her own preschool. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the teachers, the children and the community, and she soon decided that Garden Day fully embodied her bliss.

Jessica holds a B.A. in Human Development from UCSD, as well as a Masters of Education with a multicultural emphasis from National University. She brings a nurturing and imaginative vitality to the classroom, and she loves animals and enjoys sharing this passion with the children. She also enjoys sharing her talent as a former voice-over artist by creating voices for the characters in the books she reads aloud.

Jessica easily forms deep connections with the children and their parents and views her work life and her home life as one and the same.



Doreen Leipzig

Doreen studied Early Childhood Education at Merritt College in Oakland and has been teaching at Garden Day since 2003. Her focus in the classroom is arts and crafts and she has amassed an amazing collection of recycled, scrapped, and repurposed treasure for her various projects.

Doreen has a daughter living in NYC, with whom she speaks almost every day. She loves reading and rereading books by Pearl Buck, and volunteers several times per month at various East Bay theaters where she enjoys lots of amazing plays and concerts.



Theresa Malki

Theresa feels passionate about the importance of play in the lives of young children. She enjoys a deep sense of meaning in developing positive and trusting relationships with children in her care, and joy in watching them discover and learn. Favorite activities with children include gross motor activities, animal and science exploration, messy art, and cooking. Theresa has a B.A. in art practices from UC Berkeley, and early children education from Merritt College and Pacific Oaks College.

In her spare time, Theresa studies and reads Italian, enjoys the arts, stays fit at the YMCA, grows organic food in her garden, writes, and loves raising her chickens. She has two adult children. She loves working at Garden Day!